China's status as home to the largest population of Internet Users is widely known and touted (550 million in 2013). The size of China's online shopping has reached RMB 1.85 trillion. E-commerce penetration has grown rapidly from a low level. Less than 10 percent of China's urban population shopped online in 2006. That figure jumped to 40 percent by 2012, and will exceed 50 percent by 2015, quickly narrowing the gap with the United States and other developed markets. An astounding 30 million consumers are expected to shop online for the first time every year until 2015. That's a population nearly the size of Canada's beginning to shop online every single year. Based on Boston Consulting Group (BCG), they forecast what e-commerce will go from representing 3.3 percent of total retail value today to 7.4 percent in 2015. In the US, it took 10 years to achieve that growth. This means that China will surpass the US to become the largest e-commerce market in the world, achieving a compound annual growth rate of 33%, to reach more than 2 trillion RMB.*

*The World's Next E-commerce Superpower: Navigating China's Unique Online-Shopping Ecosystem, The Boston Consulting Group

Current E-commerce Trend in China