We have already developed the following platform:

evokk - Authentic Imported Products E-commerce Platform
evokk.com is dedicated to provide a world-class shopping experience with premium quality products for increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers in search of top-quality branded merchandise. All products that were being purchased through our platform are 100% professionally selected from all over the world.

eVokk offers one-stop solution including full product line, great value, global sourcing and directly to consumers. To provided people a change of buying habits and understanding about customization.

We primarily focus on imported wine and pre-packaged foods, and we extend to offer categories of merchandises very soon.

We uphold our specialized and integrative service concept for the high-end consumer groups. Our mission is to make life creative as well as taste better.

CODE - The Specialized Lighting Platform

CODELighting.com produces lighting luminaires designed for hospitality and outdoor environments, residential and commercial, private and public facilities.

As a member of Noble Manufacturing Company Ltd., a company with over 24 years of experience in lighting manufacturing, CODE leverages the resources and experiences offered by its parent company to design and produce the luminaires of the highest quality. The company follows all the fundamental production stages: Designing, where all the engineering and prototyping are developed by our in-house technical department; Quality Control, which is carried out on all products in certified testing facilities to verify its substantiality; and protection levels.

Provide customized solutions for specific technical designs and lighting effects desired by designers. CODE values the development and engineering of appropriate technology in architecture contexts. Create functional and complimentary lighting products that share timeless and sustainable values, while using current technology for maximum performance, economy of energy and with minimal environmental impact. Efficiency and lighting solutions are the primary traits of CODE products.