We are committed to build a channel for service providers in Southern China imported goods.

We guarantee that whatever items or products were being purchased through our platform are 100% authentic and genuine. All products came directly through our suppliers. To further protect our customer's interests, all purchases will be processed and monitored through authoritative and reliable channels and agencies within China and handled by world's top logistics companies to ensure the legitimacy of the product sold and received.

Guarantee Quality
We hold ourselves to meet the needs and demands of our value customers. All products that are being purchased through Certiz will meet the quality standard requirements of our customer's country of origin.

Competitive Prices
At Certiz, we offer the lowest possible price in China regardless of where you're making the purchase. Our goal is to ensure our customers having all the necessary components to thrive and prosper in a highly competitive business environment.

Outstanding Services
We value our relationship with our customers as such, we can provide not only a safe, secure and reliable platform to conduct businesses but also we value that every customer we made is fully satisfied with their purchase. We offer excellent sales and marketing support to assist and allow our customers make the most sounded and best business decisions and answer all other business inquiries. Our helpful and supportive customer service hotline and online chat response are there to quickly resolve any obstacles or problems our customers might encounter during or after their purchases. Last but not least, our devoted logistics team, will handled all the shipping arrangements, custom clearance and issues relating to import or export taxations.